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Mr. Tigger's Page





Ok you ask who is the famous Mr. Tigger?  Well, Mr. Tigger is the Aronsky Family dog who is a human in a dog's body.  Mr. Tigger came into our family in April 2003.  We were vacationing in the Los Angeles area, we were strolling down Main Street in Seal Beach and wandered into a pet shop.  While looking at the puppies the now Mr. Tigger stood out.  Mommy and Meridith could not let go of him and just became very attached.

Of course Daddy did not want another dog but Mommy insisted.  Back to Fort Lauderdale we flew without Mr. Tigger.  After 12 hours of broken hearts Mommy decided without Daddy's knowledge that she must get Mr. Tigger.  Mommy  called the pet shop and arranged for Mr. Tigger to be flown all by himself at the tender age of 8 weeks to Fort Lauderdale.

Mr. Tigger was instant love!  After Mr. Tigger got use to living in Florida, he was surprised when we all decided to move to his home state.  He is our joy!  Mr. Tigger loves to have stories read to him and he is a big fan of Big Bird.  Remember "Mr. Tigger is Love!"

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